Line of Business

Line of Business

Domestic Online Store

Our online store features a curated selection of sake, handpicked by veteran sake buyers. We ensure thorough quality control at minus 5 degrees Celsius, guaranteeing the best tasting sake available.

Sake Export

With a proven track record of business in over 15 countries, we export sake to restaurants and retailers worldwide. We collaborate with sales partners who are experts in the local sake markets of each country.

Cross-border EC

We operate an online store that transcends national borders so that customers around the world can enjoy our high-quality sake.

Inbound Tourism

In response to requests from restaurants, hotels, and inns, we plan and manage events that enable international guests to enjoy and appreciate Japanese sake.

Services For Restaurants

Comprehensive support for all your sake-related needs. We help attract new customers by pairing your signature dishes with the perfect sake selections.


We opened a virtual sake shop in April 2022 for our customers
who are unable to go to the store to buy sake due to the COVID pandemic.

Virtual Shop

Virtual Shop The virtual shop will recreate the fun of choosing sake in a real store. Products can be purchased at REIKA.

Brewery Introduction

Here is a partial list of breweries we collaborate with at Sakura Sake Shop:

Niizawa Sake Brewery Co.,Ltd.

OfficeOsaki City, Miyagi Prefecture
BreweryKawasaki Town, Shibata District, Miyagi Prefecture
BrandHakurakusei, Atago no Matsu, Reikyo, Zankyo

Shimizu Seizaburo Shoten Co., Ltd

OfficeSuzuka City, Mie Prefecture
BrewerySuzuka City, Mie Prefecture

Sumikawa Sake Brewing Co., Ltd.

OfficeHagi City, Yamaguchi Prefecture
BreweryHagi City, Yamaguchi Prefecture
BrandToyo Bijin

Katsuyama Supreme SAKE co.,Ltd

OfficeSendai City, Miyagi Prefecture
BrewerySendai City, Miyagi Prefecture
BrandKatsuyama, Sensho Masamune

Arisawa Co., Ltd.

OfficeKami City, Kochi Prefecture
BreweryKami City, Kochi Prefecture

Sugihara Shuzo Co., Ltd.

OfficeOno Town, Ibi District, Gifu Prefecture
BreweryOno Town, Ibi District, Gifu Prefecture