The Future We Create

Message from the Founders

Sakura Sake Shop Co., Ltd. was founded on April 5, 2013, coinciding with Tomb-Sweeping Day of the solar year. Since our inception, our mission to bring smiles to people worldwide through the traditional Japanese culture of sake has remained steadfast. While societal changes may require us to adapt, our core values remain unchanged. To love sake is to protect the rice and water that form its essence, which also means safeguarding the global environment. We are dedicated to spreading joy through sake, envisioning a prosperous future for our children 100 years from now.

Representative Director Yuichi Kondo
Representative Director Takeshi Komazawa

Thoughts of Sakura Sake Shop

Designing an Exciting Experience

At Sakura Sake Shop, we offer more than just sake drinking. We develop unique products like -5°C aged sake and blended sake, and hold lottery sales for rare sakes such as IBI.

In addition, a “SAKE Sheet” and “SAKE Magazine”, an explanatory guide to sake, are included with each product delivered to customers.This allows the customer to experience the thoughts of the sake brewer and to enjoy the sake more deeply.

Our YouTube channel, “Sake Prince Yuichi Kondo,” provides sake recommendations and trivia, while the open chat line “Teach me! Sake Prince!” allows direct interaction with our sake experts.

Sake Can Change the World

We believe sake can make a positive impact on society. Through humanitarian aid to conflict zones, disaster relief, and support for the SDGs, we use sake as a vehicle for change. Our “Save Ukraine” sake raised significant funds for Ukraine, selling out 1,099 bottles in several days. This initiative continues with the “For the SAKE of UKRAINE” product.

We also support breweries affected by disasters like the Tohoku earthquake and Kyushu floods, demonstrating our commitment to helping those in need.

Beyond ‘Delicious’

Customers choose Sakura Sake Shop for our carefully selected products and ice-temperature quality control.

We visit all the breweries we partner with to understand the people, thoughts, and land behind each sake. This hands-on approach builds trust and ensures we only offer sake we have personally tasted and approved.

We store our sake at minus 5 degrees Celsius to maintain its original brilliance and prevent flavor deterioration, delivering it in the best possible condition.

Sake for the World

Sakura Sake Shop was founded to spread the charm of sake globally.

Our commitment to international distribution involves selecting sake that complements the climate and cuisine of each country, ensuring no compromise on quality. We collaborate with knowledgeable sake distributors to maintain thorough refrigerated distribution from the brewery to the overseas customer.

Currently, we export sake to over a dozen countries, delivering authentic sake with the same quality enjoyed in Japan.