The Future We Create

We want to create an exciting future with sake.
“Delicious” is an absolute requirement.
Beyond that, we seek to create a time when people all over the world will be filled with joy.
We want to be there with you to make someone smile.


Company Overview and Introduction of Our Team Members

The Birth of Sakura Sake Shop

The Story of Sakura Sake Shop’s Birth and History

Line of Business

We are developing various businesses to bring smiles to as many people’s faces as possible through Japanese sake.
Domestically, we have started operating the online store REIKA as well as managing events with restaurants and creating inbound demand. Our oversea partners continue to increase year by year, and we are doing business with import and wholesale companies in more than 17 countries.

Domestic Online Store

Operation of Minus 5°C Sake Shop “REIKA

Sake Export

Extensive Experience with Over 17 Countries: Global Expansion of Sake with International Partners

Cross-border EC

Selling Sake to Customers Worldwide Through Our Platform


“Contributing to society through sake”
is the core mission of Sakura Sake Shop.
By preserving the rich tradition of Japanese sake and delivering its delicious flavors to the world, we are committed to making a positive contribution to society.
Together with our customers, Sakura Sake Shop will continue striving for a brighter, more wonderful future for the next 100 years.