Our Company History

The Birth and History of Sakura Sake Shop

Two-classmates study abroad finding their passion for Japanese culture

Realizing the Importance of explaining Japanese culture

Our founders were classmates and drinking buddies in college, and had a bit of a rivalry. In their senior year of college, they both studied abroad in different countries. Not being able to answer the questions of their friends was when they had the strong realization they want to be able to explain Japanese culture to their foreign friends and learn more about their own culture.

Origin of the Company Name and Logo

Upon returning from our study abroad, we found the most peaceful moments in the sight of cherry blossoms. These blossoms hold a special power to stir the identity of Japanese people. Inspired by the cherry blossoms that bring so much joy, we aspired to bring smiles to the faces of people around the world with our sake. In celebration of our 10th anniversary, we have renewed the corporate logo of Sakura Sake Shop.

Our Company History

Apr, 2013
Shop Opening

The two university friends connected back together and co-founded Sakura Sake Shop Inc. with the goal to promote the Japanese sake culture.

Sep, 2014
Designated Exporter

Assigned to export operations for the support of overseas sales channel development sponsored by the National Federation of Chamber of Commerce and Industry. Assisted breweries from all over Japan to exhibit their products at international exhibitions.

Jul, 2016
Sake at French Embassy

Served sake at the French Revolution Day (Paris Festival) celebration reception hosted by the French Embassy in Japan (for the third consecutive year). Also in charge of “Kagami-biraki” (opening the traditional sake casks with hammers) during the toast.

May, 2020
Achieved 675% funding for “Minus 5°C Aged Sake” crowdfunding

Conducted crowdfunding for “Minus 5°C Aged Sake,” achieving 675% of the funding goal, supporting breweries during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Mar, 2022
Released charity sake for Ukraine humanitarian aid, donating all proceeds

“For the Sake of Ukraine” Released “SAVE UKRAINE” charity sake for humanitarian aid in Ukraine. All proceeds from sales were donated to the Japanese Red Cross Society “Ukraine Humanitarian Crisis Relief Fund”.

Nov-Dec, 2022
Headquarters and warehouse damaged; received ¥14,840,000 support through crowdfunding

Large parts of headquarters and warehouse destroyed by fire. Conducted crowdfunding for recovery, receiving ¥14,840,000 in support.

Sep, 2023
Awarded the DX Prize at the Color Me Shop Awards

Awarded the DX Prize at the Color Me Shop Awards, ranking 1st out of 50,000 stores nationwide by general vote (21,792 votes).

Sep, 2023
Held 10th anniversary and fire recovery celebration party

Held a celebration party for the 10th anniversary and recovery from the fire at Nagoya Kanko Hotel. Over 30 breweries exhibited, and more than 200 people attended.

Jan, 2024
Opened the online shop “Reika”

Reopened the domestic online shop as the -5°C sake store “REIKA”.